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Academic Integrity @ Sheridan College

According to Sheridan's 
Academic Integrity Policy:

"Sheridan expects that Students will claim credit only for their own ideas, writing, projects and creations. Where others have contributed, or non-original ideas have been included, Students will give proper recognition and reference. Students will not attempt to gain unfair academic advantage in any academic work whether graded or ungraded."

Values of Academic Integrity

- The Fundamental Values of Academic Integrity, The Centre for Academic Integrity

Principles of Sheridan's Policy

Principles of Sheridan's Academic Integrity Policy include:

a) Promoting an environment of academic integrity that values honesty, trust, fairness, respect, courage, and responsibility;

b) Upholding the academic excellence of Sheridan including its programs and curriculum;

c) Protecting the integrity of Sheridan credentials that help Students and graduates achieve success in their fields of practice; and

d) Ensuring that grades for all Students provide an accurate assessment of their work.

Want to know more?  Please read Sheridan's Academic Integrity Policy and Academic Integrity Procedure for more information.