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Material ConneXion Library: Welcome

Material ConneXion Library

The Material ConneXion Library, a Sheridan Library and Learning Services collection, features leading-edge material samples sourced world-wide by Material ConneXion, a global leader in material innovation and sustainability. See and touch our 1,000 materials (and growing). Research for further information on our online Material ConneXion database. Specifically curated for Sheridan students, this collection is here to inspire design ideas or provide solutions to design challenges. 

database icon Material ConneXion Database:

Location:  HMC B-Wing (HMC II), Room B410

Hours: Open Monday to Friday: 11AM – 2PM and Monday to Wednesday 4PM – 7PM, Thursday 5PM – 7PM.

Process Material - Seaweed Dye
Polymer Material- Continuous self-cleaning surface
Process Material - Antimicrobial Powder Coatings
Polymer Material - Music Cloth
Process Material - Art Glass Tile
Polymer Material - Retro-reflective mesh fabric
Polymer Material - Retro-reflective mesh fabric
Process Material - 3D film technology
Polymer Material - 3D Printing material
Polymer Material - High performance textile
Polymer - Flex Electroluminescent Lighting Sheet
Polymer Material - Cast acrylic sheet material with colour
Polymer Material - Engineered thermoplastic honeyc
Polymer Material - Quilted textile & foam backing
Polymer Material - Lightweight recycled fabric pan
Polymer - Optical depth effect mirror panel
Polymer Material – PET bottle décor panels
Polymer Material – Colour shift pigment flakes