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Business Analysis (CAPS Certificate): Library resources

Favourite picks for Business Analysis courses

E-journal picks available from Sheridan Library

Software testing fundamentals: LinkedIn Learning courses.

Business Analysis Videos

LinkedIn Learning is a leading online video training library with over 6000+ courses offered 24/7 and taught by experienced instructors. Most video courses are from 1 to 2 hours.  Previously know as

Selected course titles:

Database searching tips

  • When searching databases, use AND, OR, and parentheses (brackets) to focus your search


  • Using quotes will search for a phrase. For example, "case studies"


  • The asterisk * symbol will expand your search, giving you more results.  It searches for all variations of a word. For example: forecast* will search for forecasted, forecasting, forecasts


  • Try an advanced search by combining synonyms with OR and put them inside parentheses, like this: "case studies" AND (forecast* or outlook)