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Free online LinkedIn course for Sheridan Alumni

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Sheridan Alumni enjoy access to a special free course, Mastering LinkedIn - The Missing Manual -- good until June 2023.

Turn your profile into a recruiter magnet. This is a step-by-step online course by the LinkedIn Guys for mastering LinkedIn – an exclusive free resource for Sheridan alumni for a limited time (normally $99 USD; expires June 2023). Register now for this new professional development alumni benefit.

Resources and services at the Sheridan Career Centre

The Sheridan Career Centre is your starting point for your career search.  The Career Centre can assist in exploring career options and planning further education. 

Career Centre resources:

  • Quick tips for getting your career planning started  
  • Career Cruising is an interactive career planning resource with descriptions of what people do in 600+ different Canadian occupations, plus other career and educational planning tools.  Log into this resource using your current or past Sheridan student or staff ID
  • Career Exploration Micro Course has been created by Sheridan Councillors to walk you through the career exploration and educational planning process
  • Career Counsellors are available to current students and Sheridan graduates to help explore career options, set career goals, research labour market information, and plan further education

More cool tools from the Sheridan Career Centre:

  • Idea Generator an online Career Centre tool that helps you understand your career interests, and the Sheridan programs and courses that align with them
  • Program Career Outcome links occupational information (i.e., what you do in the career) and labour market statistics (i.e., pay, outlook, graduate employment rate) for any Sheridan program

The Sheridan Library has career planning resources too

Researching salaries

Robert Half Canada - Robert Half is an international recruitment firm with operations in Canada.  They publish free annual Salary Survey reports for many countries, including Canada.  Download a salary report for your job sector (i.e., “technology salary guide”) or a country salary guide covering a range of positions in that country.  For 2020, Robert Half published free market salary guides for Canada in 5 professional areas:

Click to download your 2020 salary survey

You may also want to check out these additional Canadian salary resources:

PayScale - Another great free tool that supports searching across a range of countries by position.You may also want to check out these salary resources:

Salary Calculator
Salary Comparison by Canadian City
Perks and Benefits - A great source when searching for US state or city level salaries.  Also contains data for Canada through the Canadian Salary Wizard.  The American reports are more detailed than the Canadian reports, providing some free data as well as personalized salary reports that can be purchased for US$30-$80.  Some of this data may be useful to Canadian job seekers.  See this example of an Accounting Clerk position.

Occupational Outlook Handbook - Created by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) to benchmark salaries in over 500 careers.  Database is searchable and provides landing pages for broad career areas, such as the Computer and Information Technology Careers.

Business Source Complete - This Sheridan Library database includes U.S. salary reports for selected professions.

Search tip:

  • Search as a title  “Report on salary surveys"
  • Add keywords to your search i.e., “paralegals”
  • Under Limit results, check “Full Text”

SNI Companies - A recruiting company similar to Robert Half (see Canada tab).  SNI operate under the name Staffing Now and cover a variety of career areas (accounting, legal, technology, administration).  SNI has a free salary guide that includes salary data for US cities.

Glassdoor – This website is focused on company reputations and branding.  It does contain salary data and allows access to ~5 job descriptions/salaries before moving to a “give to get model” whereby you must input data to continue access.  Salaries are self-reported and should be used as directional data.

InformationWeek - This technology magazine publishes an annual IT Salary Survey based on US respondents in April.  Report is available free of charge from their website with registration.

Robert Half Salary Surveys - Annual salary guides in USD for positions in five areas, Finance & Accounting, Technology, Legal, Office & Administration and Creative & Marketing

AreaVibes - has a Salary Calculator that tool allows you to calculate the impact of cost of living on take home pay in different American cities, which is useful when looking for a job in a new city. 


Job hunting resources

The Sheridan Library offers a large selection of books, ebooks, and more to help you get started with your job search.

Public Library resources

Free career exploration tools

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