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Why cite data?

Citation Elements For Data Citation

Components of data citation:

  • Author/creator - full name of the person(s) or the organization responsible for the creation of the dataset
  • Year of publication - when the dataset was published or disseminated
  • Title - full title of the dataset, including a version or edition number
  • Medium - type of the resource
  • Publisher/Producer - the organization responsible for the distribution or the storage of the dataset
  • Electronic location -  web address or persistent identifier for the dataset

Citing Data Sources

It is important to know that data citation is required when you are using a dataset or statistical table in your academic work/assignments, just as what you need to do with journal articles and other types of publications. By citing data and statistical files, you are helping your readers to identify and locate the original data and also giving credits to the original author/researcher.

How To Cite Data

Data Citation Examples

Government Agencies Citation Guildelines

Statistics Canada provides guidelines on how to cite Statistics Canada products.

Data repositories Citation Guidelines

Most data repositories provide suggestions or examples on the citation of dataset.