Open Educational Resources

Quality of OER

Concerns over the quality and accuracy of OER often deter faculty from adopting these materials. There is a misconception that OER are not subject to the same editorial and/or peer reviewed process as traditional publications. In actuality, many open access journals are peer-reviewed and there is a growing body of OER that are refereed by instructors. 

Interestingly, a 2015-2016 research study* found that over 70% of faculty surveyed said that open resources offer the same or better quality as traditional textbooks and many faculty preferred open resources because they can be adapted to their needs and are more likely to be updated. 

There are many guidelines and tools available to help you with selecting the right material and evaluating their quality for your instructional needs. Below are a few selected resources for your consideration. You may adapt them to your own assessment needs. 

*Babson Survey Research Group. (2016). Opening the Textbook: Open Education Resources in U.S.
Higher Education, 2015-2016. Retrieved from  

BCOER Rubric

The BCcampus OpenEd Resources (BCOER), which has developed the BC Open Textbook Project, recommends this simple checklist of criteria to consider: 

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Other Evaluation Guidelines & Tools