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Marketing: Types of Periodicals

This subject guide presents resources in various formats for students and faculty of the Marketing program.

What is a Periodical?

Here are some terms that you may come across in using periodicals and academic journals.

Serials: A general term used to describe items published 'periodically' throughout the year. It could be daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.

Periodicals: A type of serial that is produced at regular intervals. This includes journals, newspapers, magazines and trade publications.

Peer-Reviewed: A type of journal that has undergone a peer-review process. This means that an editorial board (professionals and academics in the subject area of the journal) reviews and evaluate articles before accepting them for publication. The review panel is listed at the front of the journal.

Primary Source: A source providing information in the original words of the creator, researcher, or eye witness. Examples are case studies, statistical data, technical reports, diaries, interviews, poetry, and others.

Secondary Source: A source of information that interprets, critiques, analyzes, or reviews a primary source. Examples are book reviews, textbook articles, encyclopedic articles, and popular magazine articles.

For more information, the Simon Fraser University Library has an excellent page that details almost every aspect of journals in greater detail.

Periodical Types

What do I have?
(and Scholarly/Academic)
Intended audience? researchers and experts industry professionals general public
researchers and experts
(look for academic credentials or post-secondary affiliation)
industry professionals
staff writers
industry experts
staff writers
some articles are unsigned
Cited Sources? always sometimes almost never
Images? charts, diagrams to support research product photos gratuitous use of photos, pictures and other images
Language? technical language aimed at professional audience technical language aimed at people in the industry common language for a general audience
Length of Article? lengthy articles (more than one page) vary generally short articles