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Copyright Services Guide: Students

The Copyright Services Guide provides information and suggests resources and services that can help faculty, staff and students with copyright compliance at Sheridan.

Copyright & You

How does copyright affect you as a student?

Copyright affects many things you use and do as a student, in your personal life, and at work. For example, downloading an article from a library database, using images in your assignment, sharing photos in social media, and creating a YouTube video that has music. 

Also, most of us are creators and own copyright to our works especially in the online environment. 

Why should you care about copyright? 

You want to respect someone else's copyright as you would expect others to do for your work. You probably know about attribution - giving credit where credit is due. But there is more to copyright compliance. You want to copy and use only what is necessary and allowed by the copyright law (e.g. fair dealing) for your study and research. There are legal implications if you infringe on copyright.