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Group Work Module

Getting Started with Group Work

Working in groups can be challenging. However, there are a few ways to maximize your output. This guide offers some tips for working in groups. The following are important things that one should note when working in a group: 

Plan how you’ll communicate. It is important to set up meeting times, exchange contact information, and define expectations for group meetings. 

Set ground rules: Setting ground rules helps establish and give each group member an idea of acceptable and unacceptable behavior during the group process. 

Review the assignment together. Make sure everyone has the same understanding of the work to be produced and ensure that any confusion is clarified. 

Assign specific roles and tasks to each member to keep the team organized. For example, project manager, editor, researcher(s), writer(s), etc. (University of Waterloo: Learning Services, n.d.) 

Create a schedule with agreed-upon deadlines to hold teammates accountable.

Understand academic integrity expectations for the project: It's important that all members meet these expectations because if one student cheats, this can result in an academic integrity breach for all members of the group.