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Group Work Module

Getting Work Done - Project Planning

Complete this chart in collaboration with your group members. If you are meeting in person:

  • Work as a group to define which assets are important for the given tasks
  • Pass the sheet around and ask the members to add their names in the columns that represent existing skills or desires to grow in each area.
  • Decide as a group who will actually complete each task or whether the task can be shared between members.
  • When deciding who will do what, bear in mind both current skill and your group member’s desire to grow in a particular area.
  • Don’t make firm decisions immediately. Send out notes/decisions and ask for confirmation.

When meeting online:

  • Have 1- 2 group members fill out the task breakdown (left-hand) column, then use a shared document (e.g. Google docs; OneDrive) to have others fill out their names.
  • Don’t decide who will do what until everyone has had a fair chance to express their interest in different areas.
  • Have the team lead, send out assigned tasks, then wait for the other group members to confirm they are happy before finalizing tasks.
Tasks to be completed and skills needed for each task Team members with existing skills in the area Team members who want to improve their skills in this area

Communication with Professor

Nadia John

Writing outlines and drafts

Rushal Emma



Writing references and bibliographies

Emma Rushal

Leading teams

  Nadia, Rushal



Drexel University (n.d.). Tips for participating in group work and projects online.