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Getting Ready for Classes

Managing your Time

Ready to manage your time? You will have to navigate your class time, course work and assignments plus other responsibilities like family obligations, a part-time job and more. Here are a couple of things to think about, some great handouts and links to more info.

What you'll need to manage your time:

  • Course outlines - so you know when classes are, how many assignments and tests you have and what their due dates are
  • Semester Plan - input all of your obligations - include classes, assignments and tests, part-time work, family obligations, teams or social clubs, etc. You can add these to the Semester Plan below.
  • Weekly Schedule - include your obligations for the week (like class and work) but also schedule time for reading, reviewing and preparing for classes. Include leisure time here as well! You can print out the Weekly Schedule below.

Further Resources

For more information and tips visit the Time Management Module

Check out a Learning 2 Learn Workshop