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Getting Ready for Classes

Study Skills

Learn to study more effectively! You can reduce the amount of time you spend on studying by learning, and practicing, some crucial study skills. 

What you need to study effectively:

  • Study Space - have a designated space for studying e.g. a desk in your bedroom, a separate office, etc.
    • If you are sharing space with other household members, come up with a schedule for when you each have the space.  
    • Ask family members to respect your study time and provide quiet activities for family to do while you're studying.
  • Have a plan - what are you studying and how long do you have to study it.
  • Taking notes in class will have a huge impact on how much you retain. Try the Cornell Method (handout below) or see here for other strategies to try.
  • Taking notes for readings - make your reading count with these strategies
  • Study Strategies - try out a few and see what works best for you

Further Resources

For more information, visit the Learning and Study Tools Hub