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Getting Ready for Classes

Getting Ready for Group Work

Get your group work on! Learn how to navigate this common Sheridan experience below.

Group Work Checklist

Working in groups can be challenging but if you work through the process early on, you can really improve the group's performance and have a good experience. Here are some things to consider:

  • Plan how you’ll communicate. It is important to set up meeting times, exchange contact information, and define expectations for group meetings. 
  • Set ground rules. Setting ground rules helps establish and give each group member an idea of acceptable and unacceptable behaviour during the group process. 
  • Review the assignment together. Make sure everyone has the same understanding of the work to be produced and ensure that any confusions are clarified. 
  • Assign specific roles and tasks to each member to keep the team organized. For example, project manager, editor, researcher(s), writer(s), etc. (University of Waterloo: Learning Services, n.d.) 
  • Create a schedule with agreed-upon deadlines to hold teammates accountable.

Check out this video for a few more helpful hints from one of Sheridan's Tutors!