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Sustainability - Mission Zero

What is Mission Zero?

Mission Zero is Sheridan’s framework for sustainability. We support Sheridan to becoming a greener campus and community by aiming to eliminate the college’s waste to landfill and reduce our energy use.

Join the Mission Zero volunteer team! Mission Zero volunteers are our sustainability ambassadors who help us educate the Sheridan community about our green initiatives, such as Repair Cafés, campus cleanups, climate rallies, and zero-waste campaigns (check out some photos from our events). It’s also a great opportunity to meet new people. In the Fall, you’ll be able to receive hours for your Co-curricular Record (CCR).


To help Sheridan achieve its goals and become a greener campus and community, we need everyone’s support! Check out some resources around our initiatives below:

  • How do I sort waste? Learn about waste sorting at Sheridan and why it’s essential here. It is also important to sort your waste correctly at home. Feel free to contact us if you need help finding this information on your city’s website.
  • Help reduce waste by using a reusable water bottle and mug and using less plastic when preparing and storing food.
  • Where can I learn about biking? Learn about riding, repairing, and renting bikes at the Davis and HMC Bike Hubs. They are not currently open, but you can stay updated about them here.  
  • How can I learn about sustainability on campus? Check out our sustainability maps to see sustainability features like bike racks, bus stops, and reusable water bottle filling stations around campuses for when you can visit them in the future.
  • How can I connect with nature and learn about biodiversity? We’ve protected and enhanced biodiversity on campus through projects such as planting native wildflower gardens, which you can do at home too.

Visit our Sheridan Central Page and sign up for our mailing list to learn more about sustainability at Sheridan, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Or, contact us at if you have any questions.