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Self Advocacy

Why, When and Where

Why is Self-Advocacy Important?

  • Self-advocating is a pathway to overcoming potential barriers to your learning and growth
  • Students who advocate for themselves are more successful
  • It is a skillset you will use throughout college and beyond
  • A pathway to achieving independence

When is Self-Advocacy useful?

  • When you want to be listened to
  • When you are being assessed
  • When you are making a complaint
  • When you are developing or reviewing a care plan

One Sheridan Student's Perspective on Self-Advocacy

Where can you Self-Advocate

There are many places that you might want to speak up for yourself or ask for what you want such as:

  • At work
  • At school
  • At the hospital
  • At the shops
  • On Public transport

And many more places. If you are not happy with the way something is done then it is up to you to help change it. Nobody else knows how you feel or what you think- you need to tell people if you are not happy or you want something to change.


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