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Student Online Learning Module

Getting Organized with Technology

Making the shift to online learning

If you've never taken an online class before, making the shift can feel like a challenge. You might be worried that you don't have the technology skills to be successful and that being physically disconnected from your peers and professors is making it easier to procrastinate. We hope this guide will help with some of these feelings and help make it an easier transition for you to learning online. 

Technology Checklist

To make a successful transition to online learning you'll want to make sure that you have all the technology you need. Check to see if you have the basics:

 A computer (desktop or laptop) for you to access SLATE, PowerPoint slides, etc.
 Consistent access to the internet or wifi to keep up with your classes, assignments, etc.
 Camera and/or microphone capabilities (your professor may want to engage with you during lectures).


Need Software? Visit AppsAnywhere  

Need help in SLATE? Visit their Student Help Page

Sheridan IT makes it easier to get all your tech help in one place. Take a look at their Student Guide to Working Remotely to make sure you're all set up and ready to go for your online classes!