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ENGL17889GD: Composition & Rhetoric: Getting Started

This guide is intended for use by students participating in the Rhetoric and Composition course.


This guide provides help for Sheridan students taking Composition & Rhetoric - ENGL17889. Below, you'll find lists of resources that are available through the Sheridan Library, or on the web. Check the tabs across the top of the page for additional information for your research.

Recommended Databases & Sites

Journal articles focus on academic research and the application of theory to practice.

Books provide comprehensive overviews and discussions on broad topics. Use the Table of Contents to find a chapter relevant to you.

Encyclopedias and dictionaries are excellent places to find out background information. Like Wikipedia, but more academically acceptable.

Find news stories that relate to your topic.

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On Library Shelves

picture of library call numbersWhile most of our content is online, you may find it helpful to use one of our print books, DVDs and reference works. Our printed materials are organized by call number, which corresponds to a subject area. The call number can be found on the spine of the book.

Browse these call number areas for relevant material:

Style. Composition. Rhetoric
PE Writing skills (includes dictionaries)



In Defense of Rhetoric