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Data Connection: Data Services

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   A Service of Library and Learning Services


At Data Connection, our team of skilled librarians and library technicians can work with you to locate, store, and disseminate the data you are working with. We can help you:

  • Connect with the best software for data collection and analysis, including tools for GIS, data visualization, and qualitative and quantitative projects
  • Ensure that you comply with research funding requirements with a thorough data management plan
  • Provide your students with practice datasets and opportunities to do data visualization
  • Locate datasets from Canadian sources, including access through Sheridan's subscription to the DLI (Data Liberation Initiative, a partnership with Statistics Canada), and global repositories.

Our Team

Lingling Jiang Headshot

Lingling Jiang | Metadata & Systems Librarian

  • Data management, discovery & preservation
  • Data analysis tools

Lisa Eschli | Manager, Integrated Library Services  

  • Data storage

Susan Shepley headshot


Susan Shepley | Research & Scholarly Engagement Librarian

  • Promoting and disseminating data and scholarship
  • Understanding funding requirements

Claire Wollen headshot

Claire Wollen | Liaison Librarian, Pilon School of Business

  • Qualitative data analysis, including Nvivo 12 support
  • Locating data in Canadian and international data sources and repositories, including access to the Data Liberation Initiative (DLI)

Nicole Zhang headshot

Nicole Zhang | Digital Assets Technician

  • Statistical & GIS Software

Book a Data Consultation or Workshop

For assistance with locating, storing or sharing your data, please contact:

Book a Data Laptop

The reservation service for data laptops currently is not available until further notice.

Data Connection now offers faculty and staff access to specialty software packages through our in-house laptop service. To reserve a data laptop, please email:


Software installed


TRA laptop SPSS, ArcGIS, Nvivo Trafalgar library - Scholars & Creators Hub C104
DAV laptop SPSS, ArcGIS, Nvivo Davis library - Tech Hub J124B
HMC laptop SPSS, ArcGIS, Nvivo HMC library - A213

Software has been licenced and preloaded on the laptops to support statistical analysis, data visualization, and mapping:

  • IBM SPSS Statistics 24 (quantitative data)
  • Nvivo 12 (qualitative data)
  • ArcGIS suite (data visualization and geospatial data)

Laptop Schedule