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Citation Styles

Academic Integrity @ Sheridan College

According to Sheridan's 
Academic Integrity Policy:

"Sheridan expects that Students will claim credit only for their own ideas, writing, projects and creations. Where others have contributed, or non-original ideas have been included, Students will give proper recognition and reference. Students will not attempt to gain unfair academic advantage in any academic work whether graded or ungraded."


Unsure how to cite your sources? Try one of the following:

  • Book an appointment with a tutor or citation specialist for step by step assistance with citation and referencing.
  • Chat with us in real time to answer any quick questions you might have.

For research help, there are a variety of ways to contact us.

What's a Citation?

A citation is a reference to the source of an idea or piece of information. Your citation should allow anyone who sees your reference list to be able to find the original source (book, article, video, etc) you used in your research. Typically, citations include information such as author, title, date, location. Whenever you get information from a source, quote it, or base your ideas on another person's work, you must cite the source in an accepted citation style. 

Citation Help - Reference & Citation Specialists

Johnathan Pring, Davis Campus

Madeleine Crew, Trafalgar Campus

Elly Choi, Davis Campus

Elizabeth Schembri, HMC Campus

Jenny Reile, HMC Campus

Book a Citation & Reference Specialist

Get help with citations by booking an appointment with Citation & Reference Specialists. To schedule your meeting, go to the Tutoring website, email for more information.


Why Are Citations Important?

  • To give credit to the author or creator whose ideas/concepts you are using
  • To show where you found your information, and prove you used credible sources
  • To add credibility and support to your own argument
  • To respect creators’ moral rights within the Canadian Copyright Act.

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