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Mechanical Engineering: Standards & Codes

This guide provides a starting point for library research and access to the key resources available through Sheridan Library relevant to Mechanical Engineering.

About Standards & Codes

  • Standards are documents that provide "technical specifications or other criteria that a product, process or service must meet. Standards provide information to consumers, manufacturers and retailers, and enhance safety, reliability and performance of the products, processes and services consumers use" (SCC).
  • Standards that are incorporated into law or government regulations are often referred to as Codes.
  • Organizations that develop standards are called standards development organization (SDOs). These organizations can be companies government agencies, or committees. For more information, see Standards Council of Canada's guide on Standards Systems.
  • For a list of domestic and international standardization bodies, see the Society of Standards Professionals.

Standards Databases

Understanding Standards

Educational resources to better understand standards and how to use them: