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Interview Guide

Prepare for an Interview

You can never know exactly what questions you will be asked. But if you know yourself well and have thought about what makes you a good fit for this position, you will be ready for almost any question that might come up.

It is one thing to say, “I have great communication skills.” It’s another to be able to back up this statement with solid evidence. Ideally, you can present that evidence by telling interesting stories about times you have successfully used those skills in the past. These examples can come from your paid work, volunteer work, school or other relevant settings. Try to have many examples ready.

Usually, at the end of the interview, an employer will give you a chance to ask questions. This isn’t just to be polite - this is acknowledging that the interview conversation is a two-way street. Not only is the interviewer assessing how well you would fit into their organization, you as the interview candidate are assessing how well this job, at this organization, fits what you are looking for.

Think about what you want in a job, then ask about those things. For example, questions about their organizational culture, the position's level of responsibility, or opportunities for growth will help you to learn more about whether this position is a good fit for you. See the next tab, Questions to Ask.