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Job Search Guide

Informational interviews

An informational interview is NOT a job interview, it is an informal meeting with someone working in an area of interest who will provide you with information and advice. 

There are many benefits of going to an informational interview: 

  • Begin networking with professionals in your field of interest 
  • Get insider information on career paths and positions you may not have heard of before 
  • Find out how to prepare for an enter your field of interest.  


  • Dress appropriately, and arrive on time
  • Act professionally, as though this is a real job interview. This person may become an important contact for you, and could eventually lead to a real job.
  • Give the person a little bit of information about your professional background, but don't monopolize the conversation. Remember, this interview is your opportunity to learn.
  • Take notes!
  • Send a thank you note within a few days to show your appreciation for your contact's time.