Learn Well Modules

Welcome to Learn Well!
Complete all three Learn Well modules to learn how to thrive at Sheridan and receive a Learn Well Certificate of Completion.

Are you a first-year student? Visit your Learn Well Virtual Community in SLATE to connect with other students as well as upper-year tutors and peer mentors, get notified about upcoming Sheridan community events, academic workshops, and more!

Learn Well is a Sheridan program which consists of virtual supports embedded into more than 120 courses. Learn Well consists of two components 1) Learn Well modules open to all Sheridan students and, 2) Learn Well Virtual Communities for first semester students, including tutoring support.

The Learn Well modules will help learners understand how to thrive in Sheridan's learning environment. Upon completion, learners will receive a Learn Well Certificate of Completion. The three modules are:

  • Build Community
  • Thrive at Sheridan
  • Preparing for Assessments

There are two options for sharing the Learn Well modules with students: 

  1. Link to this page: https://sheridancollege.libguides.com/learnwellmodules

  2. Copy the embed code and paste into a SLATE file (instructions).

As a faculty member, you may want to consider creating an assessment plan within your course(s) that connects to the Learn Well experience.

We recommend the following:

  1. Consider the Learn Well modules as a low-stakes, formative assessment for students to complete in a self-directed manner (1-5% in the overall assessment scheme). This could be used as a check in for themselves (self-assessment), in conversation with their peers, and with you as their instructor.

  2. Locate the "just in time" components of the module content. For example, the module on assessments in online environments could be released alongside the assignments in your course and paired thoughtfully to intentionally support the learning process and assignment completion.

  3. Integrate questions, activities, and reflections into your course that connect to and extend from the LW content in the modules and the virtual communities.