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Student COIL Libguide

Why is COIL Important?

A COIL project is unique due to its focus on collaboration, intercultural engagement, and global problem-solving. Learn more about the various benefits of COIL below:

Academic Benefits:
  • Increased digital literacy skills due to working in virtual teams
  • Advanced project management skills that maximize team efficiency and project effectiveness
Intercultural Benefits:
  • Advanced communication skills due to working with international students
  • High cultural intelligence 
  • Advanced cross-border negotiation skills
  • Increased global netiquette skillset
  • Ability to productively navigate international time differences to increase productivity and collaboration efforts
Professional Benefits:
  • Developed skills related to openness, curiosity, and non-judgement  
  • Increased ability to adapt to unexpected situations and language and/or cultural barriers
  • Demonstration of ability to engage in innovative projects 
  • Enhanced ability to work efficiently and effectively within diverse virtual settings, which is particularly valuable given the momentum virtual/remote work trends have recently gained 

Bonus Benefit: You can add the skills gained from engaging in a COIL project to your resume. You can also refer to your experience engaging in a COIL project during professional interviews.

Additional Information


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