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Career Planning Guide

Research Options: Experience it, Get Involved!

  • Getting involved and gaining experience allows you to
    • develop new skills and further enhance the ones you have
    • explore different industry areas and to learn more about the careers areas of interest
    • network with people who can introduce you to other career areas
    • clarify and focus your career goals and allows you to make informed career decisions


  • There are many ways to get involved and gain experience, let’s look at some:
    • Sheridan Works experiential learning platform is where Sheridan students/alumni and employers can engage in a variety of career-related and job-related activities, including:
      • Searching the career services job board for full-time, part-time summer, volunteer jobs
      • Viewing and registering for co-curricular activities
      • Viewing and registering for career-related events
      • Booking appointments with career counsellors, employment consultants, co-op and co-curricular staff to prepare for job searching, career events, and networking opportunities
      • Search and apply for co-op/internship jobs and book job interviews (for students enrolled in co-op/internship)