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Using Generative Artificial Intelligence for Research

Evaluate AI Generated Content

When you use generative Artificial Intelligence, take the time to critically evaluate the information that's given to you before you incorporate it into assignments. This process of evaluation is similar to how you would determine if sources of information (e.g., websites, books, articles) are appropriate for your paper. Check out Sheridan Library's website evaluation page.

Mike Caulfield, research scientist at the University of Washington, created a method called SIFT that you can use to evaluate information including the output of generative Artificial Intelligence. Refer to this Hapgood blog post from June 19th, 2019 to read about more this method.

Click on the boxes for a quick description of the Sift Method:

Pause to consider the credibility of the content generated by the Artificial Intelligence before you copy or share this information. Ask yourself:

  • Does this output contain relevant information for my assignment?
  • What kind of sources were retrieved by the text generator?
  • Is the information generated based on fact, opinion, other?
  • Does the information contain diverse perspectives and viewpoints?
  • How current is the information cited?

Artificial Intelligence is known to generate fictitious information. Ensure that you fact-check, or double-check the content before using it. Ask Yourself:

  • Do you recognize any of the authors, publishers, or websites?
  • Are there citations? If yes, can you find the cited sources in library databases?
  • Can you verify the accuracy of the information?
  • Can you identify bias in the information generated by the AI, or sources represented in the text?

Locate the best evidence on your topic by searching for additional sources on library databases and search engines. Ask Yourself:

  • Is this the best information available on my topic?
  • Can I locate sources that are more current than those generated by AI?
  • Can I search for similar ideas or related topics in other peer-reviewed journals?

Instead of relying on Artificial Intelligence to provide you with the full picture, track down the source and then review the content to determine if the information is suitable for your assignment. Ask Yourself:

  • Can I access the books, articles, websites, and other sources cited by the AI?
  • Is the data, facts, and details generated for me accurately represented?

The contents on this page were modified from: Caulfield, M. (2019, June 19). Sift (the four moves) [Blog post]. Hapgood.

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