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Career Catalyst Training Program

Adaptability in the workplace

Competency description

Change is the only constant and no one really knows what the future of work holds. What we do know is that agility and adaptability are essential to navigating change and seeking out the best of each situation as you confront them. Agility and Adaptability is your ability to show flexibility, openness and a willingness to respond according to the situation.    

Competency outcomes

  • Indicate willingness to listen and adapt to feedback and new information 
  • Respond to changing circumstances with a positive attitude 
  • Respond and thrive in the face of problems or challenges 
  • Show commitment to switch priorities according to the situation 
  • Demonstrate composure and open-mindedness when dealing with the unexpected 
  • Cultivate desire to consider alternative viewpoints and approach 

Learning activities

Natalie Fratto, a venture investor, looks for adaptability when determining which start-up founder to support. Your ability to show flexibility, openness and willingness to respond to change are skills employers are also valuing more. Learn how to develop your adaptability through this insightful talk.  

Grit, agility and adaptability are all forms of resilience. Grit is perseverance and passion for goals. Watch the TED Talk and develop insight into yourself, by completing the Grit Scale developed by Dr. Angela Duckworth.   

Agile learners have the ability to take past experiences and apply the learning from them to current situations. They are able to adapt and apply prior learning to new situations in unique and creative ways. Agile learners seek out changing environments, are self-reflective, good communicators, adaptable and resourceful.  This worksheet will help you work on developing your learning agility. 

Now more than ever, we are facing change and complexity – for example the global health pandemic has presented new challenges and uncertainties. This article by Centre for Creative leadership examines how adaptability is a requirement and ways to enhance flexibility to navigate change. 

Most of us respond to rising demands by putting in longer hours, which inevitably takes its toll on us physically, emotionally and mentally. That leads to decline in engagement, satisfaction and even health issues. This HBR article by Tony Schwartz explores how to manage your energy in order to enhance your resilience. It also includes a self-assessment.