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Sustainable Design : Find Web Resources

Evaluating Websites

Not all web sites are created equal...

Anyone can make a webpage. For academic purposes, it is important to always consider the following when using the web as part of your research:

Authority - who made the page? Is he/she an expert in the knowledge that is being presented?

Appropriateness - is the information appropriate for your assignment/research? Consider things like language, age level.

Currency - how old is the page? Is the information itself current? When was the page last updated?

Objectivity - is there a bias to the point of view of the page? Is it hidden or overt?

Purpose - what is the purpose of the site? Does it inform, sell, persuade an opinion?

Dalhousie University has an excellent resource to help you evaluate your web resources.

Web Resources - General

Web Resources - Graphic Design: Printing and Paper resources

Select Design Firms' Websites

Selected design firms with focus on sustainability and/or socially responsible practice.

Treehugger Blog

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