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Economics: Which database?

This subject guide presents resources in the field of Economics, focusing on both Macroeconomics and Microeconomics. It also supports ECON 13936/22358G

Which database should I choose?

1. Type company name in the Company Search box on the left side of the home page. 
2. Select the company from the options listed.
3. Click on the Reports tab on the blue menu bar.

Euromonitor: Passport
Detailed country briefings and other country specific reports. 

1. from the top menu, choose Economies > Business Dynamics
2. under Analysis, click on Geography and select a country.
3. click on GO
See Euromonitor Passport Guide for more tips.

1. type the country name in the search box
2. scroll down and select Country Report from the Publication Type list on the right side of the page
3. click on Search.

Mergent Online


Select Country Profiles from the lower right corner of the Mergent home page.

Select a country to retrieve the country profile in PDF format. 
For a more detailed report, select Country Insight from top menu, then select continent and country

PrivCo (large private companies)