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Adult Learner Skills


Mindset is a set of assumptions, methods, or notations held by one person. A mindset can also be seen as arising out of a person's world view or philosophy of life.

Today, more than ever, adults need to be lifelong learners. Technology brings about constant change, and many adults are discovering that they need to return to more formal education environments for degrees or certificates. Embarking on that journey can fill the returning student with feelings of uncertainty and even inadequacy.

Often, adult students discover that they are more competent than expected, and can even outperform traditional-aged students. Motivation is one of the most important factors in learning success. They bring a different set of motivators: life transitions, advancement opportunities, potential raises, economic mobility, unfulfilled goals, serving as a role model for children­–the list goes on. These students understand the value of what they are trying to achieve and have things to prove to themselves and to others.  

Sheridan college has created a Mindset Matters Module . This module elaborates on the connections between resilience, grit, and growth mindset. It also explains the difference between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset, and can teach at least 2 new strategies to help a student bounce back when things don’t go as planned.

For more mindset resources for adult learners, visit the link: 7 Growth Mindset Activities for Adults


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