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MLA Style (9th ed.)

Social Media


Author's Last Name, First Name [User Name]. "Title of Post." Website, Publisher (if given), Day Month Year of post, URL. Accessed date (Optional if no publication date).


Works Cited

In-Text Citations


If there's no title, use the text of the post. For long posts, use the first few words and an ellipsis.

Hadfield, Chris. "Over 22,000 people applied...." Facebook, 8 July 2022, 



Gaiman, Neil [@neilhimself]. "It starts at 8 tonight. You have plenty of time. Unless you are in, say, Calgary." Twitter, 12 Nov. 2016, 


Blog posts

Newman, Bobbi. "ALA Presentations on Self Care and Stress Management." Librarian by Day, 27 June 2022, 



If you accessed the podcast on an app, cite the app (e.g. Apple Podcasts app). If you accessed the podcast through a website, cite the URL.

Long, Justin. "W Kamau Bell." Life is Short with Justin Long, Wondery, 21 June 2022, Apple Podcasts app.  


Your professor may have different citing expectations than library staff. Always check at the beginning of term and before starting assignments that the citing rules you are using are appropriate for your class.