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MLA Style (9th ed.)

Tables & Illustrations

If you are reproducing (copying) a table or illustration from another source, then use the guidelines on this page. Refer to the Images section of the guide if your are simply citing or describing an image but not copying it directly in your assignment using the Work Cited and in-text citation format.

Format basics for tables or illustrations include:

  • Position a table or illustration in the body of your written assignment flush to the left-hand margin.
  • Place the table or illustration as close as possible to the related content in your text.
  • Label the table and illustration (i.e., figure) in numerical order:
    • Example: Table 1, Table 2, Fig. 1, Fig. 2
  • Refer to the table and illustration in-text by label and number in lowercase letters:
    • Example: The unemployment rate in Canada has decreased (see table 1)
  • Create a brief, but descriptive title for tables and illustration.
  • Place the source citation below the illustration as a caption. There’s no need to cite the table or figure in your work-cited list if the table provides full information about the source, and the source is not listed in the body of your assignment.



Citing a Reproduced Table or Illustration



Table 1:

Population by age group of Canada 2021

Age Group Persons
All ages 38,246,108 
0-24 years 10,528,234 
25-49 years 12,898,682 
50-74 years 11,824,929 
75-99 years 2,981,441 
100+ years 12,822 
Median age 41.1

Adapted from: "Table 17-10-0005-01 Population Estimates on July 1st, by Age and Sex." Statistics Canada, 29 Sept. 2021, Table.


Figure from a webpage

image of a photograph

Fig. 2. Gordon Kneale Brooke. Rawcliffe near Goole, Royal Oak. 2006. Wikimedia Commons,,


Figure from a book

image of painting

Fig. 3. Gustav Klimt. The Kiss. 1907-1908. Art Nouveau by Camilla de la Bedoyere, Flame Tree Publishing, 2005, p. 309.   


How to Cite

For more examples, see Purdue Owl's MLA Tables, Figures, and Examples.

A MLA (9th edition) Style Tutorial can be found here: Open Access Textbook via eCampus Ontario 

Additional resources can be found on the MLA Style Center. Please note that some links may pertain to MLA 8th edition.

Your professor may have different citing expectations than library staff. Always check at the beginning of term and before starting assignments that the citing rules you are using are appropriate for your class.