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Career Catalyst Training Program

Everyday leadership

Competency description

The new realities of a changing world of work requires all of us to practice leadership differently in order to be successful. Developing your leadership effectiveness being adaptive to change, help others do and be their best, accept responsibility for mistakes, and share credit for accomplishments. Leadership is your ability to motivate others towards achieving a common goal and inspire trust. 

Competency outcomes

  • Recognize and celebrate others’ strengths and contributions toward achieving a common goal  
  • Attain and act upon constructive feedback on an ongoing basis  
  • Cultivate commitment and action in others towards a common goal or outcome  
  • Facilitate, motivative, and support others with facts and data to realize common goal or outcome  
  • Incorporate self-awareness of personal strengths and self-confidence  
  • Construct positive relationships based on trust and respect 


Learning activities

Self-awareness is the foundation of leadership. Research suggests that when we see ourselves clearly, we are not only more confident, more creative, make sounder decision, and build stronger relationships. 

According to Brene Brown “Daring leaders who live into their values are never silent about hard things.” Brown goes onto say that living into our values is one of the core skill sets that make up Daring Leadership. This means that we know our values, and we practice them. In this activity, you will go through a values identification process and examine each more deeply in terms of behaviors. For more information check out Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly book. 

The Best Reflected Self exercise is a method developed to allow you to develop a sense of your “personal best” in order to increase your future potential. This is one of many approaches coming from the Positive Psychology movement.  The Harvard Business Review article below walks you through the RBS exercise step by step and describes the insights and results it can provide. This tool is not intended to stroke your ego but to help you develop a plan for effective action – the exercise requires commitment and follow through. 

We tend to largely over focus on the how and what, and under-focus on the why. Think of your why, as your leadership purpose – an aspiration that is uplifting and infuses meaning in our day to day work. What’s Simon Sinek’s TED Talk on How Great Leaders Inspire Action and begin framing your leadership purpose statement! 

What makes a great leader? Simon Sinek suggests its someone who makes their people feel safe, who draws people in to a circle of trust. Watch Sinek’s TED Talk and explore effective leadership.