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Career Catalyst Training Program

Growth Mindset Introduction

Competency description

The future of work is a reality with the impact of technological advances, automation or even a global health pandemic. As you prepare to graduate, developing the lifelong learning and growth competency is important to respond to rapid skills changes needed in any career - to learn to learn, to learn to unlearn, and learn to re-learn. Learning and Growth refers to your ability to exhibit curiosity and proactively seek information and resources for your learning and development. 

Competency outcomes

  • View change and challenges as opportunities to learn and grow  
  • Recognize learning needs and seek out resources and guidance to support them  
  • Identify areas for personal and professional learning, growth and development  
  • Differentiate and articulate one’s knowledge, skills, and experiences  
  • Assess one’s self and pursue goals with optimism, focus and perseverance  
  • Develop goals, priorities and action plan, monitor progress and adjust as needed  

Learning activities

Description: This short survey from Train Ugly (adapted from Mindsetworks) will give you an idea of where you may be at on the mindset continuum. Remember it is a rough starting point to get you thinking about mindsets. We can all build our muscle to operate more from a growth mindset.   

Description: Research shows that fostering a growth mindset can help you learn, grow and get better at things. Developing a growth mindset takes practice and effort. 

A learning plan will help you identify your goals, how to achieve them and the resources you’ll need.  Establishing your short and long-term learning goals with a learning plan will help you stay on track.   

Seeking out mentors in your field or sector of interest while in school is a great way to gain valuable advice from professionals in your field, develop your knowledge and skills, learn new perspectives, growth your network, and advance your career.   

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