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CULT 10001G: Culture in the Workplace: Research Assignment

Welcome CULT 10001G: Culture in the Workplace Students!

Use this guide to locate resources for your Research Assignment in CULT 10001G. Don't forget to review our Research & Academic Skills and Cite it Right guides for further assistance.

Background Information

Begin with the basics! Exploring your topic will help you identify an appropriate scope for your research, and also identify important keywords that you can use when searching for sources.

Scholarly Sources

Use scholarly sources to dig deeper into your subject area. Scholarly sources include collections of journal articles, books, reports and encyclopedias.

Search for Books & eBooks

The best place to begin your search is through the Library website. Search for print books and e-books by title, author, topic or keyword. 

Search the Library

Use the filters to narrow your results to "Book / eBook"

To help get started, here are a few sample book searches on related topics:

News & Current Events

Current news stories from sources like newspapers and magazines can help enhance your research.

Search Tip! When searching for newspaper articles about cases from the Canadian and Ontario courts, add a keyword such as "ruling" to your search. For example, try "discrimination ruling" in one of the databases below.

Using Websites

Regardless of the types of sources you use in an assignment, an important skill to learn and develop throughout your studies is the ability to evaluate and critically examine good quality sources. To ensure you are choosing the best sources, review the Evaluating Websites Guide

Looking to enhance your Google searches? Check out the Google Tips & Tricks Guide to make your Google search more effective.