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Top 50 Journals used in the FT Research Rank: Getting Started

Financial Times' Top 50 Journals

The list of Financial Times' Top 50 (FT50) journals is seen as the list of leading academic journals in business and management. The list of titles is based upon survey feedback from business schools participating in the Financial TImes MBA, EMBA and online MBA rankings. Financial Times publishes rankings annually, relating to MBA, EMBA and Online MBA programs. These rankings include a research rank, which is calculated according to the number of faculty publications published in 50 academic and practitioner journals (FT50 Journal list)

To find more details and the full list, please see 50 Journals used in FT Research Rank.

You could search for articles within specific journals using the journal links below.

List of FT's Top 50 Journals Available Online in Sheridan Libraries

1. Academy of Management Journal

2. Academy of Management Review

4. Administrative Science Quarterly

5. American Economic Review

6. Contemporary Accounting Research

7. Econometrica  (Full text from 01.09.1996 to 30.09.2004)

8. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice

9. Harvard Business Review

10. Human Relations

11. Human Resource Management

12. Information Systems Research (Full text from 01.03.1990 to 5 years ago)

15. Journal of Applied Psychology (Full text from 01.02.1987 to 31.07.2006)

16. Journal of Business Ethics

18. Journal of Consumer Psychology (Full text from 01.01.1992 to 31.10.2007)

19. Journal of Consumer Research

20. Journal of Finance

21. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis

23. Journal of International Business Studies (Full text from 1987 to a year ago)

24. Journal of Management

25. Journal of Management Information Systems

26. Journal of Management Studies

27. Journal of Marketing

28. Journal of Marketing Research

29. Journal of Operations Management (Full text from 01.01.1991 to 31.10.1991)

30. Journal of Political Economy

31. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

32. Management Science (Full text from 01.10.1954 to 5 years ago)

33. Manufacturing and Service Operations Management (Full text from 01.01.1999 to 5 years ago)

34. Marketing Science (Full text from 01.01.1982 to 5 years ago)

35. MIS Quarterly

36. Operations Research (Full text from 01.02.1956 to 5 years ago)

37. Organization Science (Full text from 01.02.1990 to 5 years ago)

38. Organization Studies

40. Production and Operations Management

41. Quarterly Journal of Economics (Full text from 01.10.1886 to 1 year ago)

43. Review of Accounting Studies

44. Review of Economic Studies (Full text from 01.01.1965 to 1 year ago)

45. Review of Finance (Full text from 01.03.2004 to 1 year ago)

46. Review of Financial Studies (Full text from 01.03.1988 to 1 year ago)

47. Sloan Management Review

49. Strategic Management Journal

50. The Accounting Review