Academic Integrity Remediation

According to the Academic Integrity Procedure for Sheridan College, the Library & Learning Services' Academic Integrity Remediation (AIR) process can be used by faculty as part of a Level 1 academic integrity (AI) sanction. Remediation provides students with the opportunity to learn more about Sheridan’s expectations for academic integrity and helps them identify how to avoid engaging in a future breach.

All Library Learning Commons are currently closed, until further notice. All AIR appointments are now offered online, by booking an appointment through Once you book your appointment, an Academic Integrity Remediation Specialist will contact you through your Sheridan email with further instructions for your appointment.

The Process

Remediation is tracked through the Student Information System.
After being notified of the sanction, students have 45 days to complete remediation.
Students may have the opportunity to re-submit their work at the discretion of faculty after successful completion of remediation.

Here's how students complete the AIR process:

  1. Faculty notify student of sanction, and refer students to Tutoring to book a remediation appointment with an Academic Integrity Remediation Specialist.

  2. After receiving notification of the sanction, students will have 45 days to meet with an Academic Integrity Remediation Specialist. Academic Integrity Remediation Specialists are available for appointments during daytime hours, Monday-Friday.

  3. The Academic Integrity Remediation Specialist will register the student in the Academic Integrity Tutorial on SLATE. Students must complete this tutorial prior to their appointment with the Academic Integrity Remediation Specialist. The tutorial will take approximately one hour to complete.

  4. The Academic Integrity Remediation Specialist will meet with students for their appointment to answer any questions about the tutorial, academic integrity, research and citation practices.

  5. Students will complete a formal quiz during the appointment based on the Academic Integrity Tutorial.

  6. Faculty will receive an email if students do not complete remediation within 45 days.

  7. Faculty may re-assess the sanction according to the Academic Integrity Policy and Procedure. See Sheridan College’s Academic Integrity Policy.

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As part of Academic Integrity Remediation, students schedule an appointment with an Academic Integrity Remediation Specialist online through the Tutoring booking system.

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The Academic Integrity Tutorial is available on SLATE. To register, please contact Tutoring. After completion of the tutorial, Sheridan College students will be able to:

  • Define academic integrity.

  • Apply ethical decision-making to avoid engaging in academic integrity breaches.

  • Recognize the importance of ethical and effective research practices.

  • Discover what Sheridan services exist to assist students.

  • Identify key components of Sheridan’s Academic Integrity Policy and Procedure and related penalties.

  • Relate the importance of academic integrity and how it is connected to professional conduct and reputation.

View a sneak preview of the Academic Integrity Tutorial.

Faculty can use the Academic Integrity Tutorial as part of their classroom instruction. First, please request access by sending an email to Then, to include the tutorial in your SLATE courses, follow these instructions.

Completion of remediation will be tracked through the Student Information System (i.e. PeopleSoft). Faculty will receive an email notification if students do not complete remediation within 45 days of the initial sanction. Faculty, or the Associate Dean, may re-assess the sanction if remediation is not completed by the designated period. See Sheridan College's Academic Integrity Policy and Procedure.

Sheridan College has the following additional services on campus to support students in areas related to Academic Integrity:

Please visit the above website for more information about their services and supports.

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Please don't hesitate to contact the Academic Integrity Office if you have additional questions.

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