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Research Ethics: Getting Started

Access documents and resources on Research Ethics.

Research Ethics

"The ethics of social research is about creating a mutually respectful, win-win relationship in which participants are pleased to respond candidly, valid results are obtained, and the community considers the conclusions constructive" [Learn more]

- from The A-Z of Social Research, in Credo Reference

Sheridan Research Ethics Board

The Sheridan Research Ethics Board (SREB) is responsible for granting approval to prospective researchers, monitoring projects, facilitating amendments, and accommodating appeals of previous Board decisions.

Visit the SREB website for information regarding the SREB process, forms & templates, FAQs, & more.

Using and Citing Resources

When searching the literature on a topic, be aware of ethical pracitices in the use and citation of information:

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Ethical Practice Overview

Research Methods

Good research practices begin with a solid foundation in research methodology. To learn more about appropriate research methods for your research, see:

Research Methods Guide