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Understanding Research Methods: Quantitative Methods

This guide provides a quick overview of research methods and strategies for finding more information on topics related to research methods

Quantitative Research

"Quantitative research consists of the collection, tabulation, summarization, and analysis of numerical data for the purpose of answering research questions or hypotheses. The term quantitative research is of recent origin and is distinguished from qualitative research in design, process, and the use of quantification techniques to measure and analyze the data." [Learn more]

- Encyclopedia of Nursing Research, from Credo Reference

SAGE Little Green Books

SAGE publishes a series of short, concise books on quantitative research methods, called Little Green Books. Some of the titles included on SAGE Research Methods are:

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Key Concepts

Here are a few examples of Summon searches on methodologies related to quantitative research.


Many of our databases offer journals that focus specifically on quantitative research methods, including a few examples below. Browse the latest issues, or search for subtopics.

Using Public Data

Governments, international organizations, and special interest groups increasingly make their data open to the public, and can often be used for research projects. A few examples include:

When using publicly available data, be aware of copyright considerations!
See: Copyright Services Guide