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Interview Guide

Research the Job

The job posting is your first clue to determine what questions the employer may ask. 

Examine the job posting carefully:

Identify the key words and responsibilities in the job posting. 

It's important to make a list of any skills, competencies and education knowledge you have that match the job posting.

Review your resume and identify what your selling points are related to the job posting.

Identify examples from your experience that demonstrate each skill and responsibility in a job posting. Review the Conference Board of Canada's Employability Skills.

Research the Organization

Do your research (see tips on this page) to be sure that you thoroughly understand the employer's business: 

What is their business or operation?
What do they say about their mission, vision and values?  
Who are their clients, competitors or funders?  
What is their history or background?
What questions will you want to ask in the interview, as a result of your research? (Asking questions is one way to demonstrate your enthusiasm for the job and the organization.)  

In the guides below you'll find lots of resources to help you learn more about the companies and industries.

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