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Research Data Management (RDM): Data repositories

This guide explains the what, why and how of Research Data Management at Sheridan College.

Sharing your research data

Research data resulting from agency funding should normally be preserved in a publicly accessible, secure and curated repository or other platform for discovery and reuse by others. 

Source: Tri-Agency Statement of Principles on Digital Data Management

There are many ways to share your research data, either as raw data, or aggregated data.  You may share all of your data, or only anonymized data, or selected data, or only the metadata. 

Sharing options include:

  • including datasets when submitting articles for publication
  • providing data, or data access, upon request
  • depositing data into an institutional repository, e.g. Sheridan's SOURCE or Dataverse
  • submitting data to a general (e.g. FRDR - see video and more information on this page) or discipline specific repository. See repository directories below.

Sharing sensitive data

Locate data