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Self Advocacy

Communication with your Professors

“How will I speak with my professors?”

In college, we must talk with our professors about our accommodation needs. Here are suggestions for ways to begin discussions: 

Discussing an Accommodation Form with Faculty:

“My name is ___. I am registered with Accessible Learning, and you would have received my accommodation form from my advisor____.  The accommodations I might need or will need to access in your class is ____.

Extended Time on Tests and In-class Assignments:

“I would like to discuss my accommodation for an extended time. I will need to use the extra time to complete my test/in-class assignment, I would like to arrange to write it in a quiet alternative setting with supervision.”

Quiet Environment:

“Because I am easily distracted, I need to take tests/quizzes in a quiet environment. Can we discuss my accommodation for a quiet environment?” 

Access to Computers for All Written Tests and In-class Assignments:

“I would like to access my accommodation to use the computer for writing my test.” 


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