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Self Advocacy

Know your Challenges

Many of the same assessments that help identify strengths also identify possible challenge areas as seen in the previous chapter. Understanding your challenges will help you determine compensatory strategies that will lead to greater success.  

Below are some examples of challenges and possible solutions: 

  • Have a professor who only lectures but you prefer visual aids in your learning? Make your notes come alive with descriptive pictures and ask for handouts or other visual references. 
  • Are you introverted but have the need to ask many questions in class? Ask a trusted friend to accompany you to class to ask questions on your behalf or write to your professor after class.  
  • Are you a college student with a disability, or think you may have a disability? Report how challenges associated with your disability affect your learning to the people who are responsible for providing accommodations to you.  


Learning challenges can present obstacles that can be difficult or impossible to overcome. However, overcoming challenges strengthens us by building character, making us more resilient, and giving us confidence in our abilities. 

Complete the following sentences: 

  • Because of my challenges I have a greater awareness of... 
  • Because of my challenges I have learned how to... 
  • Because of my challenges I appreciate... 
  • My challenges have made me a stronger person in the following ways...