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Self Advocacy

Becoming Well Informed

  • Go to your Accessible Learning office on campus and set up a meeting. Explain your situation and ask what types of services and supports might be helpful to you. Even if you do not think you need help at the time, it is always smart to know about resources for the future. 
  • Research your disability and stay current on the latest information. There are many valuable books, journals, websites, and organizations dedicated to different disabilities.  

  • Network with people. Find a way to connect with other people who have a similar disability. Share success strategies. 

Understanding Diagnostic Testing & Assessments

If you have had diagnostic testing and assessment prior to college, it is a good idea to make sure you understand your testing outcomes. These results will help you understand your disability and help you pursue additional information if needed. 

When you were younger your parents probably managed much of your disability-related information and planning. As a college student, you are now the person in charge. It is important that you take the steps necessary to truly understand your disability and your related strengths and challenges. Feel free to contact whoever administered your testing. Getting to this point is a process that takes time. 

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