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AMA Style Guide, 11th ed.



Author's surname First initial Middle initial. Title of Book and Subtitle Italicized. Edition. Publisher; Year. Accessed Date. URL

Print book with edition

List author surnames first.

1Beam JW. Orthopedic Taping, Wrapping, Bracing, & Padding. 4th ed. F A Davis. 2021.

Print book chapter

Include chapter start and end page to conclude the citation.

3Dengel DR, Raymond CJ, Bosch TA. Assessment of muscle mass. In: Lukaski HC, ed. Body Composition: Health and Performance in Exercise and Sport. CRC Press; 2017:27-47. Accessed August 11, 2021.


Provide the accessed date (Month Day, Year), and URL

4Knight CJ, Harwood CG, Gould D. Sport Psychology for Young Athletes. Routledge; 2018. Accessed July 12, 2021.

eBook in a series

5Ward K, ed. Routledge Handbook of Sports Therapy, Injury Assessment and Rehabilitation. Taylor & Francis Group; 2016. Routledge International Handbooks Series. Accessed August 11th, 2021.

See section 3.12 (pp 81-87) in the AMA Manual of Style, 11th edition.


Your professor may have different citing expectations than library staff. Always check at the beginning of term and before starting assignments that the citing rules you are using are appropriate for your class.