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COMM28883 Business Communication 2

Google Search Tips

Does your assignment ask for documents published within a specific time frame? You can quickly narrow your Google search results by date of publication. Simply click on the "any time" drop-down menu to filter results by date.

Refine Google search results by specific dates by clicking on the "Any Time" drop-down filter and then choosing a date range.

When you want two or more words to be searched together as a concept, use quotation marks around them. Place quotes around concepts to ensure that Google searches these words side-by-side such as "excessive use of force", or "play therapy".

Use quotes around the words "play therapy" to ensure that Google searches these words together.

Search for information with images instead of text. Google has a Reverse Image Search that helps you discover information with the use of personal or Web images. Click on the video below to learn more!

Video Credit: Google

Reports, newsletters, brochures, and other information sources are often found on the Web as PDF files. Use Google's File Type Search to locate documents by a specific file extension. Simply add "filetype:" to the Google search box, and then enter your preferred format.

Enter "filetype:pdf" into Google to find documents posted on the Web as a PDF file.

Restrict your search to a website domain with the "site:" feature. For example, locate ONLY websites from the government of Canada by including "" in the Google search box.

Search for website domains with "".

Use Google's Filters


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