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Using Generative Artificial Intelligence for Research

MLA Style, 9th Edition

The use of ChatGPT, or other AI text generators, should be noted in the body of the paper and reference list. Please review the citation examples on the MLA Style Centre's blog post, and speak to your professor for clarification on how and when it's appropriate to cite Artificial Intelligence.


AI Models and Software

See the MLA Style Centre's blog post for more information


"Description of the prompt" prompt. Name of the Tool in Italics, Version of the Tool if Known, Name of the Company, Day Month Year of Prompt, URL.

In-Text Citation:

("Shortened prompt description")

"Summarize the personalities of the most important characters in Call of the Wild" prompt, ChatGPT, 3 Mar. 2023 version, OpenAI, 8 Mar. 2023,


("Summarized personalities")



Your professor may have different citing expectations than library staff. Always check at the beginning of term and before starting assignments that the citing rules you are using are appropriate for your class.