Decolonizing the Collection

The Canadian college library community recognizes that library systems are built on Western and colonial constructs that are harmful to Indigenous peoples and do not accurately represent them. While these structures allow us to work with libraries around the world, they do not always reflect the Library’s commitment to equity, diversity, inclusion, and decolonization. We are working and learning within a global and local library context to create greater inclusivity within our systems of knowledge. Libraries at every level are educating themselves and taking action.

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In recent years, we've strengthened our commitment to purchasing materials that better represent Indigenous perspectives by taking the following actions:

Additional recommendations by the community are always welcome.

For decades, libraries around the world have relied on Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) to support discovery of library materials. As part of the data imported into our library catalogues when new items are added to the collection, LCSH are deeply embedded within the global library ecosystem. However, we recognize the shortcomings of these subject headings and their inherent structural biases. The 24 Ontario colleges represented by College Libraries Ontario (CLO) have committed to addressing these issues. Sheridan Library is proud to sit on the following committee:

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