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Finding Images: Creative Commons & Public Domain

What are Creative Commons & public domain?

The images listed on this page fall under these categories:

  1. Public domain: When the copyright of a work expires 50 years after the death of the creator, it can be freely copied and used.
  2. Creative Commons licensedCreator waived certain rights to a work so it can be freely copied and used. Attribution is generally required unless it is CC License Zero. Other additional restrictions such as non-commercial uses, no derivatives, and share alike licence may apply.  
  3. Free with no or some restrictions: Similar to Creative Commons, creator waived all or some of the rights to a work so it can be freely copied and used. Creator or vendor may set their own restrictions for the use of their works. For example, they may require non-commercial uses or prohibit their works to be used in a standalone manner.

Check the copyright or licence terms of each source you want to use to see which type it is and to identify any restrictions that may apply.

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