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Module 3: Decimals


As briefly discussed before, non-whole numbers can also be described as decimals, in which the wholes are written before a decimal point, and portions are written after a decimal point.

Furthermore, as seen in Module 1: Number and Whole Numbers, each place value name behind a decimal point ends in -ths as opposed to -s, bearing a similar naming convention to whole number place values depending on how far the value is from the units. Here is a recap of the place values of digits after a decimal:

Place Value Digit
Units 1
Tenths 0.1
Hundredths 0.01
Thousandths 0.001
Ten Thousandths 0.0001

Please note, some decimals may be represented with trailing zeros. That is, zeros that follow the digits in a decimal. Naturally, as zero has no value, this does not add any additional value to the decimal. Thus, a decimal such as 0.5 is equal to 0.50, 0.500, 0.5000, etc.